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Bang Yai, Nonthaburi 11140

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082-443-5538, 081-457-7220

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About Thailand Bodyguard Service

About Thailand Bodyguard Services

Thailand Bodyguard Services employs only experienced, well-trained professionals. Our agents started off as officers on duty on various government sectors. They are accustomed to being assigned to escort high rank officers in command. They are trained and certified in martial arts and shooting courses such as practical pistol course.

Since there has been high demand for protection services in private sectors such as entertainment industry or business industry, our team has also expanded our services accordingly. We are providing executive protection services to many high-profile individuals such as diplomats, singers and actors. From our experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a leader in all the security and law enforcement services. In regard to law enforcement services, we offer our clients consultations and services in debt collection and ancillary, arrest warrant tracking, domestic or business investigation and locating missing persons. All services are in licenses and fully compliant with Thailand’s laws and customs.

“Your Safety is Our Responsibility”

Bodyguard Services by Professional Team. We will contact you within 24 hours.


Thailand Bodyguard Service

Mr. Thapana Kasikornchonwat
Name : Mr. Thapana Kasikornchonwat
Position : Manager
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